Discover Ohio: 5 awesome things to do in Cleveland this summer (if you like the nightlife)

Discover Ohio: 5 awesome things to do in Cleveland this summer (if you like the nightlife)


If you’re from Cleveland  you know that if you don’t like the weather, stay a minute and it’ll change. If you’re visiting Ohio, then its important to know that because we only get a couple months of summer and the rest of the year we get whatever mother nature chooses, we take summers pretty seriously. Whether you live here or are just visiting, here are some picks to help you make the most of your summer if you love the nightlife.

  1. Twilight at the Zoo

The city’s biggest party of the summer, the zoo’s biggest fundraiser and my personal favorite Cleveland event of the summer, Twilight at the Zoo offers 18 local bands set up throughout, with beer and wine tables as well as appetizers. If you’re planning to go, get your tickets ASAP; the event sold out last year, leaving many people trying to buy tickets from people waiting in line to get in. Don’t be that guy. For tickets and more info, click here.

  1. Burning River Fest

While Burning River Fest has a completely different vibe to it, its well worth checking out. It used to be held in July, offering Christmas Ale for “Christmas in July” which was a really nice treat for us Clevelanders, but in the past couple years, the date has changed and no more Christmas Ale. All of that aside, Burning River Fest is an environmental awareness festival held at Whiskey Island, centered around, you guessed it, when the river caught fire. There is a re-enactment of the river catching fire, local musicians, food trucks, and of course, Great Lakes brews available. You can find out more here.

  1. Catch an Indians Game

With the introduction of several new restaurants at Progressive field, the buzz surrounding Cleveland right now and the always impressive fireworks shows, even if you’re not a huge sports fan, the ambience and experience of an Indians game just screams summer. If you’re not particular about seating, try out a District ticket. For $13, you get standing room only and the first drink is on them. Be aware though, even though you have to stand with this ticket, they still sell out.

  1. Try out a winery

While there aren’t exactly an abundance of wineries in this city, you can drive east or west and find some pretty impressive ones here in Northeast Ohio. Travel to the west to Vermillion and you’ll find Papermoon Vineyards. Located just 10 mins from Vermillion beach, this makes for a great date night.

Travel to the east and you’ll have your pick of Geneva-on-the-Lake wineries and everything leading up to it. Some of my favorites include Ferrante which has a more country feel and Firehouse Winery, which is located right in town and right on the lake. Perfect for catching a beautiful at sunset.

  1. Flat out Fridays

With the revival of the East Bank of the flats and the addition of many new restaurants and bars, Flat out Fridays is a free event offering live music with some great views.  Check out Big Bang, the dueling piano bar, Alley Cats if you love oysters with a view and Coastal Taco for some delicious margaritas and fried ice cream.  With all of the new restaurants on the East Bank , there are plenty of options to choose from! You can see the full schedule for Flat out Fridays here.



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