Dupont State Recreational Forest Asheville, NC

Dupont State Recreational Forest Asheville, NC

One of the best things about Asheville, North Carolina is while you get the glorious Biltmore Estate, cute shopping and hipster restaurants, you also get loads of nature.The Dupont State Recreational Forest is one of many outdoor adventures available to you and your family when you visit the Blue Ridge Parkway area.  Ours was a half day nature adventure that offered some great hikes and views of the waterfalls.DSC02161

It’s a 1 hour drive from Asheville.

You’ve probably often heard the advice…”when traveling in the wilderness it is best to bring along a map.”

Take this advice.

While it’s second nature to depend on your phone for a map or some random directions you found on a blog, just print the official map from the Dupont State Recreational Forest site. It’s easier and more reliable. It will also give you information like closed trails, or closed rails. As you may guess, I give you this information because we didn’t follow it ourselves the day of our mini hike and all got rather lost!

Download the  map app  to help with your adventures.DSC02174

Dupont State Recreational Forest is a beautiful forest, used as a film location for films  The Hunger Games and The Last of the Mohicans.
Of the falls below those with the * can be done in one afternoon as they are along the same trails. Note: the trails are winding, steep and many other paths cross them— which means if you make a wrong turn you will get lost. Take a map ( yep, i’m saying it again). It’s a big forest- 10,400 acres.

Both Bridal Veil Falls and Wintergreen Falls are a little farther off the beaten path in Dupont State Forest and best to drive to if trying to fit your hikes in before dinner.


  • Rattlesnakes: Yep, they got em.
  • Park is open 5am- 10pm
  • Parking: Best place that we found for this quarter/half day hike was at Moore Cemetery Rd near the Visitor Center.
  • Waterfalls: From the parking you can access a nice trio of Waterfalls: Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and High Falls.  This is a 3 mile hike. If you’re feeling ambitious you can add Grassy Creek Falls since it’s close by.
  • Bathrooms: Only Port-A-Johns available. One at Parking, and One at the half way point near Triple Falls.
  • Difficulty: These trails are very steep. It’s more difficult going down than up, and I wouldn’t suggest it for those with knee, hip, or ankle issues.
  • Shoes: Tennis Shoes with good traction or boots. Flip Flops will be worn out by the time the hike is over. Athletic sandals may be ok but not on the waterfall rocks- they are slippery and we saw people struggle.
  • Food: Cedar Mountain Cafe is nearby but they have weird hours so plan accordingly. There is also an Ingles Grocery store on Hwy 64 in Brevard as you head into or away from Asheville. As always, we suggest you bring snacks- make sure they’re light enough to carry.
  • Visit: Best time for Dupont State Recreational Forest is Spring or Fall for flowers or foiliage.



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