Travaasa Austin: A Resort Review

Travaasa Austin: A Resort Review

If you’re up for an exclusive getaway, truly away from it all, Travaasa Austin is the place to be.

Whether you are in dire need of an escape, complete with yoga and a massage OR a private balcony on which to write your great American novel you will find it here.

Travaasa Austin doesn’t have an “off season” mainly because the weather is always beautiful but if you’re lucky you may just find yourself at this Texas hideaway with just a few guests.

Travaasa is about 40 minutes outside of the city and tucked down so many back roads that if you’re going to stay there, it should be for at least a week. In true resort-style they have everything you need: an award winning restaurant with farm to table meals, s’more service by the fireplace every evening in the main restaurant lounge, a full service spa and alternative health boutique, a conference center big enough for weddings or work get-togethers and private balconies perfect for sipping tea or champagne. It truly is an escape. Overlooking the valley below, fog often covers the hills lending a hand to the tranquil environment.

The clubhouse has a gym complete with yoga classes and a riding bull for those rowdy bachelorette parties. A pool edges the other side of the this small resort with views overlooking the lake and mountains beyond.


Rooms are small and private but not without luxury. Luxurious bedding, towels, a robe and slippers add to the experience. Small bags of freshly popped caramel corn are left for you each evening when the maid turns down your bed, and local artisan coffee and tea are available in your room.
Small hideaways litter the grounds of Travaasa in between the tall townhouse buildings for respite and reflection. Guests were often reading books, having tea, or working on laptops in these areas during my stay which accentuated the fact that this is resort- an official retreat from all other things. The only activities here are the ones you bring yourself. 
Highly recommended for those wishing to escape and not enter the world awhile. Travaasa is also the perfect mountainside wedding getaway for those looking for perfect first-look photographs or all the amenities in one location.  Travaasa Amenties and More
Visit: Jan-Mar is colder weather in Texas, but still a mild climate of 50-70 degrees.
Food: On site. Some packages include meals.
Parking: On site and up a very steep hill.
Family: Best for Adult vacations or a Girls Weekend. While it could be fine as a family vacation the activities ( culinary, culture, luxury) are experiential and not necessarily kid friendly.
Shoes: The Travaasa Austin is a sprawling resort, whether traveling form your room to the pools, to the restaurant or the gym you will want to make sure you have comfortable shoes- this would be a tough place to navigate, in its entirety, in heels.


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