Travel Hacks for a Cheap Vacation

Travel Hacks for a Cheap Vacation

Budget travel has really become an art. There are so many ways you can save on travel these days and we want to show you that travel doesn’t have to be expensive! These are the travel tricks we’ve learned whether you’re looking for a  car, hotel, vacation, or flight, all in once place. 

  1. Enable Private Browsing or search for your vacation on a Different Computer: While your computer is not out to get you… the cookies that are stored on it often remembers that you’ve been to a travel site before and increases the price accordingly. Go to the library to use a computer if you have to… but don’t keep searching on the same computer or search engine and expect the price to go down- it won’t.

when to book your vacation2. More Internet Travel Hacking: Hotel and Flight prices are cheaper online if you buy them after 9pm or before 7am. You should try to book on the Weekend. Weeknights and your Lunch hour should be completely off-limits if you’re looking for cheaper prices.

3. Wednesday at 1AM: If you’re willing to stay up until 1am… travel sites reset their sites with new sales every night at 12am.

4. Purchase stuff on the non-payday weeks. After the 7th of the month. Paydays are generally the 1st and the 15th so prices are higher .

5. Time your Flight Purchase: Buy it 45 days before for domestic, and 60 days before for international

6.How to get a Cheap Rental Car: Check your credit cards first for car company partnerships- some credit cards offer up to a 25% discount on a rental car. Reserve your car at least 3 weeks ahead of time unless you need it for the holidays, then its 6 weeks. Renting the car at an airport? It may be cheaper to get it off site near the terminal– but only if they have a shuttle from the airport. Do some price checking and drop-off time checking. Additional rental car insurance can double your daily rate. Most insurance policies cover rental cars, and if they don’t you can call your insurance provider and add that coverage for a cheap rate ( sometimes only 5 bucks) for the month of your travel. And lastly, if you need the car for two days.. it may be cheaper to book for a week-make sure to check prices.

7. Groupon: There is no reason to doubt this amazing company’s ability to get you a great cheap vacation. Prices vary based on departure airports and there’s a ton of fine print- but totally worth the read. Check it out for your next destination.

8. Loyalty Programs: Sign up for them.. sign up for them all! Some credit cards also have travel partnerships that you may not even know about. American Express will get you discounts at Hertz, so use your cards wisely. Also, if you’ve already booked the hotel, don’t be afraid to sign up for the loyalty program at the desk and then have them link your stay. You can get free cookies, water, a welcome basket- loads of free goodies.

travel off season9. Stay just outside the city: Wherever you’re visiting, its best to stay a little farther out of your travel destination. City parking is expensive and outlier hotels are usually cheaper with free parking, wi-fi and breakfast. Always worth a look.

10.Fly out on a Tuesday: ( or Wednesday). Try to travel during the week for best rates. Weekday flights are cheapest.

11. No reason to pay for checked luggage. If you’re flying… fit everything in a carry on– or fly Southwest.

12. Travel Off Season: Summer Travel can be cheapest to the hottest places! The Caribbean, Florida, Arizona and Utah can be almost half off during the hot months. Hawaii is best Apr-May and Sep-Nov and you can expect 85 degree weather with ocean breezes. While Australia is a nice 68 degrees in May… you’ll want to make sure your hopes of a cheap vacation aren’t ruined by horrid weather.

Check your locations average monthly temperatures here .

Holiday Travel in general is never a good idea. Check out Marriott’s Infographic.

Happy Adventuring!

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