Visiting Corning Museum of Glass

Visiting Corning Museum of Glass

I’ll admit I had no intention of planning to visit the Corning Museum of Glass during our recent trip to western New York. I really only planned on visiting to check out Watkins Glen State Park and the other outdoor excursions available in this area.I had been researching things to do in the area and of course, I never cleared my cookies on my browser… when an ad to make your own glass blown art popped up on my computer, G was intrigued. You can make your own cute little blown glass pumpkin for fall? What? Where? How?corning-3

While I’m not usually into gimmicky, promotional activities, G is a sucker for cute. And it did look cute. I’m always looking for new and unique experiences for her and I figured, what the heck, if nothing else, at least she’d learn about something new! So we decided to take the trip.corning-29

The Corning Museum of Glass costs $18 for 18 years+ and kids 17 and under are free. Yay! Its the little things. There are other various discounts available, so it can be pretty economical, especially if you have kids with you.

There are various exhibits throughout the Corning Museum of Glass, from Contemporary Glass Art to the history of glass making as well as many interactive exhibits which can be found in the Innovations area.corning-14

They also offer demos throughout the day, which we loved. We watched the Flame Working demo(actually twice!), which was pretty awesome as we were able to watch the artist form a glass figure using open flame. These demos are free with admission and last about 15 minutes or less.corning-26 corning-24

These demos can get full pretty fast, so I recommend getting there a little early, about five minutes or so, to ensure a good viewing spot. I think the side actually gives you a better view than the front view, and you’ll want to make sure you are by the purple windows. That’s actually going to give you the best way to view the flamework.corning-27

If you aren’t able to get there early, or if you have small ones in tow, they also offer a screen that you can watch the demo on as well. Or watch from above!corning-37 corning-38

We heard the Glass Breaking demo was pretty great too, but unfortunately, we missed the last showing, so we were unable to see it. We ended up really getting into the exhibits that we kind of lost track of time.corning-35 corning-34 corning-33 corning-32 corning-31

We loved all the exhibits throughout the museum, but at some point we needed a break! corning-23 corning-22 corning-21 corning-20 corning-19The Corning Museum of Glass does offer a cafe, which always a good thing in my book. We didn’t get any food, but they have a coffee bar so we got a latte and tea to recharge. If you are in need of something more substantial, they offer a full menu of simple things like pizza, salads, wraps and other goodies, so its a convenient place to stop for a snack or a meal.corning-28

We loved this museum! With so many exhibits, who knew glass could be this interesting? Or beautiful?!corning-44 corning-43 corning-42 corning-41

Can you believe this rope piece? This was made from glass beads and took over a year to complete. corning-15 corning-16There’s also a shop here with local and imported glass creations that make for some pretty interesting souvenirs!corning-4 corning-5


Parking is free. There is a shuttle that will take you to the museum from Parking Lot B at the Welcome Center, although it is about a five minute walk from there to the museum and even closer if you park at Lot A. Just follow the red line.corning

That same shuttle will take you to the Gaffer District if you are in the mood to explore the Market St. restaurants and shops or if you are visiting the Rockwell Museum. You can also opt to walk there via the pedestrian bridge or The Centerway, which is more scenic. Its about a 10-15 minute walk from the museum.

Go early. We arrived right at 9 a.m. when they opened because G’s studio experience was scheduled at 9:20 and we had the museum to ourselves on a Sunday morning. The museum was pretty empty until around 10:30, which was nice because we were able to see the interactive exhibits without having to wait in line.corning-36

Plan to spend a few hours at the Corning Museum of Glass at least. Exploring 35 centuries of glass making history can be pretty overwhelming and you don’t want to feel rushed.corning-30


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