5 apps you should be using to save money every day

5 apps you should be using to save money every day

I like to think I’m pretty smart with my money. I (almost) never pay full price for anything, I use coupons when available and have travel hacks down to an art. I love finding a good bargain so much that I shout it from the rooftops when given the chance. Almost to the point that it gets annoying. Real quick. Just ask my friends. But here’s the thing- as much as my friends and family are probably sick and tired of hearing about how I just bought a $60 pair of shoes for $5 or bought all of my groceries for $35 for the week, whenever they are looking for money saving tips, they always come running. While I have no desire to indulge them or the entire world about my never ending efforts to save money with everything I do, there are several very easy apps you could be using to save you money on things you are already buying. This is 2017 after all, why clip coupons and waste paper when you have even better savings at your fingertips?! I’ve put together a list of 5 apps I use all the time to increase my money saving powers.

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  1. Ebates– I cannot say this one enough. Why aren’t you using Ebates? If you’re not then you need to. Like yesterday. Ebates is a website, that can be installed as an app as well if you shop from your phone a lot. Ebates works a lot like a rebate. Shop through the app(or the website-your choice) and Ebates will refund you a percentage or sometimes a flat dollar amount after the purchase is finished. Sometimes you may only earn 1% cash back on something depending on the store but I’ve seen promotions that credit as much as 20% the purchase price. Ebates is big with online shopping but has recently started adding in-store cash back promotions for select stores when you link a credit card and pay with that card. I always check Ebates whenever shopping online, whether I’m booking a hotel, buying new shoes for G or sending flowers for a special occasion. Ebates sends out refunds quarterly via Paypal, Gift Cards and checks so its a nice little way to save some cash without even realizing it! Sign up through this link for a $10 gift card from Ebatesebates
  2. Ibotta– Ibotta is an app only that works the same way as a coupon, except instead of saving money at the register, the money is credited to your account after you’ve verified your purchases. Simply open the app, see what rebates are available at your selected store and for what products, “unlock” those rebates and once you’ve verified your purchases, they will deposit the money into your account! So easy. For maximum savings, you can even use regular coupons when checking out so you can save both during and after your purchase. They have recently started adding online rebates as well so be sure to check Ibotta before making an online purchase. Ibotta pays out via Paypal and I have always received payment within 3-4 business days of cashing out.ibotta
  3. Receipt Hog– Receipt Hog is likely the lowest earning app listed here but is probably the easiest one to use. Download the app and every time you purchase something from the store, just snap a pic of the receipt through the app and it will credit you coins. There are also incentives and chances to win more coins to increase your savings. Once you’ve earned a specific amount of coins, you can cash out via Paypal or Amazon giftcards. I generally only earn about $45-$60 per year using this app but I also don’t really shop a lot. Besides, its free money for something that takes me about 30 seconds to complete any time I shop!IMG_5475
  4. Shopkick– Shopkick is probably one of my favorite apps. There are several ways to earn “kicks” that will convert into giftcards later on. Walk In kicks will credit you kicks just for walking into the store and opening the app at the entrance. You could easily earn gift cards just for doing this at every store that offers it. You can also earn kicks by scanning items in store, purchasing specific items at specific stores and linking a credit card that will credit you every time you use that card. What I love about Shopkick is that you don’t have to buy anything to earn. Cash out is via gift card and they have quite a few to choose from. I actually bought my laptop last from Best Buy with kicks I had earned! I’ve also used my kicks for things like hotel stays at Hyatt and to fuel my love for Starbucks.shopkick
  5. Swagbucks– Swagbucks works a little bit like Ebates. You can shop online and earn a specific amount of Swagbucks per dollar spent. But you can also earn Swagbucks from answering surveys, trying new apps and trying a new service. Have you been wanting to try a new meal delivery service? Check swagbucks before you do and you can earn big. It can take a little or a long time to earn Swagbucks depending how often you visit the app or website. They recently added a SB Local app as well that allows you to earn bucks on purchases from local restaurants.  Swagbucks cashes out via gift cards but they offer a pretty wide selection for redemption with categories ranging from travel and restaurants to amazon and Target. Sign up through this link to earn a bonus 300 Swagbucks

I hope you have found this list helpful! These are all apps I have used myself and still use on a regular basis and I love them! Now go and shout it from the rooftops. You’ve just found yourself a way to save more money.

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