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­All about Daytrips and Daydreams

Welcome! We are Melanie & Rochelle. Sisters in search of finding the Extraordinary, Whimsical, Curious, Beautiful, Magical and Fun in Every Day.

Together we own Daytrips & Daydreams, a travel blog focused on family. On this blog we share  tips and ideas for making the most out of your family vacation time. We love new experiences, coffee, road trips, Disney and the ocean. We have a passion for making life fun! Here you’ll get a glimpse into the life we’re creating on the fly.  With a carryon in one hand and a large mocha in the other we venture out with the hopes of discovering new things, taking pictures of everything and reporting back about what went well and what didn’t, so that you can be ready for your next trip.

Life is supposed to be fun, enjoyable and an adventure. Don’t worry about the planning, just check here for posts on your fave places and a few tips that will make it awesome.

Who we are…no really.


Photographer, mom, coffee junkie, travel-addict.

Philosophy: I never look back Darling, it distracts me from the now
Best Guidance: If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take
Current Dream: To figure out how I can live in Cinderella Castle….anyone, anyone?
Vice: Shoes. I just love them. Oh yea….and coffee.
Something Disney: Have courage and be kind -Cinderella
Giant Flaw: I’m too nice. It’s seriously annoying
Something Classic: Audrey Hepburn. Always Audrey Hepburn
Fave Fairytale: The Little Mermaid
Crush: Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
Current Obsession: New Zealand



Avid Writer, Designer & Photographer-in-Training I make up exactly 1/2 of the Daytrips and Daydreams team. Melanie and I share all responsibilities getting things to look exactly how they should, posting pinning, liking, hearting, coding- you name it…thankfully, there’s two of us. There’s no place i’d rather be than be than here.

Philosophy: I’m completely against rules, plans that can’t be changed and limits of any kind. I’m totally for anything British, Australian, French or Italian, frosting and anything sparkly.

Best Guidance: It is not our abilities that define who we truly are, it is our choices- JK Rowling ( from Harry Potter)

Current Dream: One that takes place on an island

Vice: Anthropologie, writing all night, redecorating a lot.

Something Disney: Just keep swimming

Giant Flaw: I spend most of my money on things that are consumable>candles, coffee, food, fresh flowers, travel.

Something Classic: Pride & Prejudice & Cinderella

Fave Fairytale: Princess & the Pea

Crush: Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakenshield- The Hobbit)

Current Obsession: Rose Gold





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